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Activity Restrictions


On the day of your surgery

  • Rest and relax for the remainder of the day

  • Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks

  • Take all your medications as usual

    • Use ice packs wrapped in a wash cloth for 10 minutes on, 20 minutes off over bandage

Until 2 days after your surgery

  • Keep surgical site dry. You may “sponge bathe” the rest of your body

  • Two days after your surgery, you may begin to take showers (but continue to avoid baths)

For 2-3 weeks after your surgery

  • Avoid heavy-lifting more than 5 pounds and abrupt movements such as bending or stretching

  • Avoid submerging the surgery site in water; avoid baths or swimming


Care of the Procedure Site

  1. On day 2 or day 3, remove the bandage and start wound care

  2. Cleanse site with soap & water

  3. Apply a thin layer of plain petroleum ointment (such as Vaseline); do NOT use over-the-counter antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment

  4. Cover with a bandage

  5. Repeat wound care once daily until your sutures are removed


What to Expect

Pain: mild or moderate pain is normal

  • You may apply an icepack over a washcloth to the site for 10 min on, 20 min off over bandage

  • If needed, take acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain. Do NOT take if you have liver disease. Do NOT exceed the dose instructions on the bottle.

Bleeding: bruising is normal

  • If bleeding occurs, apply firm pressure to the bandage for 30 minutes. If the bleeding continues, please contact our office.

Infection: mild redness of wound edges & clear, pink or straw-colored drainage are normal

  • If you develop expanding redness, milky drainage, fever or chills, please contact our office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office.


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